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the every beautiful flowers she planted, became nothing more than the lost roses of her cheeks

hey this is neil, max's sister is a bitch i think she might tell max's mom that we were smoking weed in his bedroom, everyone is a narc, people are real sick in the head they'll fuck anyone over, i had a dream a couple of nights ago and it was pretty scary i didnt think to far into it but it really scared me when i was having it, first i was in a train with my grandma and thats weird enough, ive never even been on a train, and there was guns like embedded in the cushiony side of the train, and then she started fucking with em, and i was like "i dont think they want you messing with that stuff" and she was like "thats what its here for" and then i got scared and went away from the train and i was running down like a dark hallway and then i started floating like there wasnt any gravity, then these different color lights came on and they were like huge ass fish tanks and inside there was like different colored squid, octopus, monsters, and they were like flipping their bodies inside out and putting their suckers on the glass, i was like flipping out, my heart was racing and i was floating along super slow, then i turned into a room and there was like those things that are like electricity balls and you touch em they like shock you or whatever, there was a couple of those, and like those little glass boxes with the ear floating in water with lasers shooting it like in face/off, it was real wacky int there, and there was this kid there that i knew in 6th grade and he was wearing a doom t-shirt and that kid didnt even like punk he liked like techno or funk or something, rap, and then he took me over to a door and there was a window in the door but part of the window was boarded up and i looked out it and there was another kid that i knew in 6th grade and he was like "who is that?" and that was the end. i had the celebrity edition heinz katchup and they have different celebrity quotes and the one i have at home has lindsey lohan one it and her quote was "burger-licious"
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