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Does anybody even use this shit anymore?

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tommy, i want you to know, man to man, i love you, dude, always have, always will
Max or Neil? Hahaha, my chest glows with joy. Yesterday, when I was going to The Plaza Resort with flyers...I was at a crosswalk and this dudes comes up to me and asks "hey do you got a dollar?" and I said "no". So then he says "hey, are you a jesus freak? you have that glow on your face.". I was like " dude." and he fucking said "well, I am and I can see my own.". I pretty much said "no dude, i'm not a jesus freak and I don't have money" after that. Then he walks away really quickly. Like, he just turned away out of nowhere and heading in the other direction. It was weird because he was an old scraggly looking 50 year old white guy that talk with a slight jive accent. I just thought "what the hell was that?" then the walking guy thing popped up and I went across.
this is max, dude, i had a shitty day, we were supposed to go on a field trip today so i didn't bring any of my school shit and i showed up and neil told me that the field trip was cancelled and i didn't have any of my shit so i knew i was gonna get bitched at. in history class we had to make and advertizment for the cotton gin, the cotton gin was a machine that was invented to get all the seeds and shit out of the cotton so the slaves wouldn't have to use their hands, so i was like "i don't think i'm gonna be able to think of a very positive slogan for slavery" but all the other kids in the class were having a really easy time. me and neil and this other kid were in a group together and me and neil came up with the slogan and it was like "prove what a rich loser honkey jerk-off you are and buy this thing and make people do work because you're a piece of trash" and i drew a guy standing next to a cotton gin crying. and this kid was all like "why is the guy crying? he should be happy cause he doesn't have to do it with his hands" and i was like "are you an idiot? he's still a slave, just cause they made that thing doesn't mean the slaves lives didn't still suck" and he kept arguing about it and called the drawing "emo" and i was like "you're a motherfucker." and then in the next class which is drama they're doing a play of the movie "save the last dance" and the plot of that movie is a white girl moves to like a ghetto area after her mom dies and learns to dance to hip-hop or whatever but they said they weren't going to be racial in the play but they made a white girl the main character even though she can't act worth shit. anyways, today they were practicing a scene and me and neil were sitting cause we're the prop people or whatever and the dumb teacher comes over and she was like "you guys need to be in this scene, we don't want her to be the only white person up there, we need more white folks," and that pissed me off cause they said they weren't going to be racial and this teacher is totally brain dead and wanted us to just stand there and act like we felt bad when the white girl got made fun of in the play. so i guess we weren't doing a good job and the teacher yelled at us and told us to sit down. it pissed me off, it's like the most stereotypical movie ever.
School sucks. I dropped out because I wasn't going to graduate senior year and I didn't want to even spend a semester catching up with credits the next year. I just wanted to get the fuck out. I think I told you about the time when that fat ass sub-teacher tried to force me to put my windbreaker on the floor and I just reasoned with him and just said "hey dude, i'm gonna put it between my lap and the desk, it's out of the way." I was laying my head on it before. So, the fucking dude yelled "no, it's going on the FLOOR NOW!". I was just like "what? are you serious?" and he was like "YEAH, NOW DO IT" all red faced. So I just refused and stuffed in my lap and he gave me a referral. I took it and read it outside the door and he wrote "refused to do his work" because I guess being a fascist makes him look bad to administrators and deans and it wasn't a legitimate enough reason for a referral. So I charged back in and threw the slip on the desk and said "Maybe I would have done my FUCKING WORK if you didn't BITCH about the FUCKING windbreaker going on the FUCKING FLOOR!!!!" and left. Everyone laughed. I bet he said some shit like "he threatened my life, I almost had a stroke, urrgh...I couldn't breathe" to a dean about it. Also this one time, I was in this math class and there was this old white lady that was probably prejudice. So something happens with this one black kid I knew, I forget what exactly happened but I remember that she totally started it by being a smart ass when he made a mistake with something. So he gets smart back and they argue. So she says some cocky mouthy shit to him and hits the button that alerts a dean. So they come in 7 minutes later and take him to the deans office. Then when he was gone, she said to the one dean "I was so scared for my life..." and started breathing heavy. Everyone in the class was like "Man, she wasn't like that before. Ol' crooked ass." and the deans were typically like "please, shut up". I fucking hate people like that. I'm pretty sure you read that thing about the hotel manager that threatened to kick my ass and grabbed my shoulder then changed his attitude when my boss talked to him.
yeah, teachers really are dicks like that, they fuck with everyone just to fuck with them, i get bitched at so much at school it makes me nuts. i think i'm gonna have to drop out too cause i don't think i'm gonna graduate this year and i'm definetly not going back another year, i'll probably just get my g.e.d. yeah, that does suck when people are all tough with someone and then act nice to someone else about the same shit, shitty attitudes like that are bullshit
Especially when they lay their hands on someone little and get shovey and then when someone bigger comes they resort to reason. I offered to leave civilly. I totally wasn't being cocky or smart. He was the one that was being belligerent. I guess some people are born punk-asses and can't help it. I mean, i'm aggressive sometimes too. But I face up to everyone even if they can beat the living shit out of me. Maybe, i'm just nuts but atleast that's better than not picking fights with smaller dudes and being peaceful with bigger guys. The thing is, i'm usually peaceful at first and always try to reason with people. If they persist, then I get aggressive back. I said "dude, don't fucking touch me" and he just used his mouth after that. But if he touched my after that to be a tough guy, I would have wrestled him down the stairs all broken elbows, shattered fists, and dislocated joints.
yeah, i was getting really pissed at the kid who was arguing with me at school today, like the shit he was saying could be misunderstood as racist even though the kid was just really ignorant, i started yelling in the class after a little while, i wanted to grab his head and scream in his face
I really hate school. What I don't hate though is the song Out of School by JFA. Because, I and I figure you and Neil feel the same way. Then after I hear Do the Hannigan and Count, I creepy crawl to the intro to Beach Blanket Bongout.

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Oh yeah, have you seen that one video clip where the one kid didn't do the Pledge of Allegiance to test the teacher to see what would happen. If not, the teacher flips out and pulls the chair out from under him. The thing is...he usually goes berserk during the National Anthem walking around the class making sure everyone is standing. So some kids planned to record it with a cell phone and one of them would not stand. They showed the Deans and were threatened to have charges pressed for doing it without permission. Which is a big fucking cop out by using legal loop holes. Like "hey, we don't want that fellow teacher to get in trouble so we're gonna say 'hey, he was illegally recording what happened'" as if that would hold well in court. The Judge would probably dismiss that immediatelly. That's like "yeah, the Los Angeles Police Department is pressing charges against that one guy that caught us beating the shit out of Rodney King because...that's just incriminating and totally like...violates our rights as true anglo-saxon Americans."
no, i've never seen that, i have an awesome video of void on my computer though. in 9th grade when i went to public school i didn't stand for the pledge and the teacher started bitching at me about it cause her son was in the marines or whatever and i was like "you're just bitching at me cause your son's in the army" it pisses me off that i can't just fucking do my own thing at school, i mean it's my problem if i get bad grades, i don't get why everyone wants to be on my back all the time. the school me and neil go to doesn't even have the pledge though
Dude, if you are forced to go to school then it should be that they don't make you do anything patriotic or participate in gym. I had to do both and I hated it. Except on Wednesdays with dodgeball because I have to admit that shit is fun. But I hated being pressured to play football. I don't wanna play that fucking game and I get made fun of and dudes get mad at me for it because there's not enough people on a team. I don't wanna do that shit. Football is lame and I hate co-op team sports. I like dodgeball because you don't really have to pass and whatever. You just throw balls and hit nerds and dumb jocks. I also like tag but not laser tag. It's weird how out of highschool, I still get made fun of. Even more weird is how it's in a hardcore scene. I don't see how people that aren't punk at heart manage to find their way into hardcore. It pisses me off that they do because it's like I have to deal with highschool all over again in the most unlikely place. Move to Daytona and help my struggle against the few douchebags that make it lame. I'm pretty sure you heard about the dumb-ass 'white power' humiliating ridicule joke that came out of nowhere against me.
the school i go to doesn't even have gym and all that, it's really small and a lot like church. i did have weight training for two simesters though, i could bench 85 pounds, i lifted with the girls. i don't really get a lot of shit at school, the shit that does piss me off is teachers and just hearing really dumb things being said and shit. i didn't hear the joke, what happened?
Well, it just started to 'get at me' or something for being a leftist, i'm guessing. On the ride home from 7 Seconds...I was held down and "niggers" and "Nasi" with an 's' was written on my forehead with chalk. I couldn't do anything about it because I was between two people. I felt humiliated. Pictures were taken of it. These things were actually said "Stop resisting!" and

"I'm nice to everyone - me"
"Why do you think we do this?" (or something like that)"


"Because we're racist!!" in a joking tone. Not a funny joke though. Only really fucked up.

Plus, a few people are like "white power" and sieg heil at me when they see me. It's constantly done too. To an excess.

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